Developing interpersonal skills - Great PA Series

How to become a great PA – Interpersonal Skills

Our Become a Great PA series explores the different aspects of moulding yourself into a truly great personal assistant. In this first post we look at different ways to develop good interpersonal skills.

‘Interpersonal’ simply put means being able to relate and interact with people easily.

Smile more – did you know it takes more muscles to frown than to smile! Body language and facial expression could be giving people the wrong impression of you, sit up, take a deep breath and let those pearly whites beam.

Be considerate of other colleagues, recognising events like birthdays, engagements can really make a positive impression on co-workers and shows that you care.

Be an active listener, this will help you in two ways, when you listen you learn, whether that’s learning about the business you are working in or learning more about your boss or colleagues. Knowledge is power!

Promote a cooperative environment in the office. Offices can become quite segregated environments with everyone sticking to their own teams. When people get to know each other they tend to help each other out more. As a PA there is a higher likelihood that you will cross these boundaries and encounter everyone, why not start introducing different people to each other.

Be a clear communicator – use the old adage “think before you speak”, don’t always blurt the first thing that you think of, choose your words carefully.

Always try and put yourself in someone else’s shoes, being empathetic to people around you can actually help you solve all sorts of problems.

Stay positive. Try not to whinge too much even about the weather as tempting as it is! Always try to keep a positive atmosphere around you.

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